June Basketball Camps Release Contest Winners

June Basketball Camps Release Contest Winners

For two individual weeks during the month of June, girls and boys from around the community entering 1st through 9th grade attended basketball camp at Cecil College. Between instruction and drills from current coaches and student-athletes, campers had the opportunity to compete in full court games and contests.

During morning sessions, campers received detailed skills instruction on fundamentals of the game including shooting, passing, ball handling, rebounding, defensive tactics, team play and sportsmanship. After breaking for lunch, afternoon sessions included the various competitions listed below as well as three-on-three and five-on-five competitive league games. Leagues and contests were broken up by age group according to the NCAA or NBA categories.

Below are the contest winners from each individual week of basketball camp:

Week #1: June 18-June 22, 2018

Contest Name Winner
NBA Free Throw  Taven Nunley
NCAA Free Throw Caden Leonard
NBA Hot Shot  Nathan Wood
NCAA Hot Shot Alivia Carrillo
NBA Hustle Award Owen Kilduff
NCAA Hustle Award Sarah Clark
NBA MVP Brandon Turner
NCAA MVP Mallory Stamper
NBA 3v3 Tournament Neel Kearns, Brandon Turner, Luke Van Landingham, John Kilby
NBAA 3v3 Tournament Alivia Carrillo, Spencer Cain, Quinn Distler, Marielle Fitzgerald











Week #2: June 25-June 29, 2018

Contest Name Winner
NBA Free Throw  Lila Hubbard
NCAA Free Throw Lucas Parks
NBA Hot Shot  Seamus Malinowski
NCAA Hot Shot  
NBA Hustle Award Dominick Albanese
NCAA Hustle Award Cheyenne Niser, Jace Nesbitt
NBA MVP Lila Hubbard, Ty Patchell
NCAA MVP Brianna Campbell, Eli Wilson
NBA 3v3 Tournament Ethan Carroll, Jacob Titter, Seamus Malinowski
NCAA 3v3 Tournament Brandon Hudson, Sarah Kilby, Eli Wilson, Ethan Hudson